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Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) Training in Hosur

Learn Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) from the same team involved in Transportation Management.

Course Overview

Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) is a tool for shippers and logistic providers that provides transportation planning and execution capabilities and integrates transportation planning, execution, freight payment and business process automation on a single application across all modes of transportations i.e. via road, air, ocean and rail shipments.

Designed to support both shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs), Oracle Transportation Management solutions manage all transportation activity throughout your global supply chain. Combining ease of use with industry-leading capabilities, they enable you to reduce freight costs, optimize service levels, and automate processes so that you can run your logistics operations more efficiently.

Operational Planning

A state-of-the-art optimization engine that automatically finds the best solutions for your logistics needs, while adhering to your business requirements and trading partner capabilities.

Create a more efficient and higher velocity logistics network.

Plan and execute domestic and international shipments—in one system.

Lower rates and manage equipment more efficiently.

Optimize the cubic capacity of containers, consolidate orders, and streamline location flow and calendars.

Transportation Intelligence

A logistics dashboard for the entire enterprise, delivering granular visibility into transportation data and metrics.

Track items, orders, and shipments.

Make changes that improve service and costs.

Receive proactive alerts when milestones are approaching or missed.

Monitor business metrics against targets, benchmarks, and forecasts.