iPhone application development

Jesper Apps is one of the leading and awesome iphone application development company offering end to end iphone app development services. Starting from the basic and innovative concept stage to graphical user interfaces to programming the basic modules and then finally related to deployment.

"We give more importance to the client's success through the application rather just ensuring a mediocre success."

Our expertise services expend in the following areas and the below given are some of the examples of it

1) Client-Based Server Iphone Application:- We are known to develop and create web connected and client based appps that can easily connect over the server through Wi-Fi or cellular services. Here the users information is submitted to the central database or the user is allowed to download various information related to the definite query that they want. In addition to that we alwso

2)Server-Client Based Iphone Application:- We develop iPhone applications that take advantage of the following iPhone technologies. Ex: multi-touch interface, GPS, accelerometer, dialer, proximity sensor, address book and calendar. We also help our customers to build the required and needed server CMS, web service APIs, etc by which users can easily update the basic contents.

3)Customized Native Iphone Applications:- Developing iphone applicationt that are known to take full advantage of the given iphone technologies like GPS, dialer, multi-touch interface, accelerometer, address book, proximity sensors, calender, etc.

4) Social Networking IPhone Apps:- For the past many years, we have been having excellent record and experience in creating social networking iPhone apps. Our social network iPhone apps are so innovative that whether you are inside a pub or restaurant or hotel or mall or train you can easily and quickly get connected to your friends, search new buddies, find out their location, chat with them, get live news, etc.

5) Organization Related iPhone App Development:-Organizational Development has been one of the foremost key focus areas of ABC Ltd. Currently we partner with various product based companies in providing technical solutions and assisting them in creating enterprise that use iPhone appls to brings their products into the mobile space.

6) GPS Enable Iphone Applications:-The interesting aspect is that we have a comprehensive and innovative GPS related workforce management and application solution. The basic features consist of wireless time sheets, location tracking alerts, detailed location reporting to capture field data, etc.

Following are the various kinds of iPhone Apps developed by us
  • Finance Apps
  • Business Apps
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Games & Sports Apps
  • Lifestyle Apps
  • Multimedia Apps
  • Social Networking Apps
  • Augmented Reality Apps